Cigar Association of America, Inc.

The national trade organization of cigar manufacturers, importers and distributors as well as major suppliers to the industry.
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About CAA

The Cigar Association of America is the premier national trade organization representing cigar manufacturers, importers, distributors and major industry suppliers. Established in 1937, CAA has spent more than 75 years helping to ensure a strong, vibrant and growing cigar industry. Cigars are more than a great American tradition — they are a powerful contributor to the American economy, responsible for billions of dollars in annual revenue and hundreds of thousands of quality jobs.

CAA advocates for the cigar industry through a national network of legislative affairs specialists who work in statehouses and city halls all across America to ensure the rights of the cigar industry and its customers are protected. What makes CAA unique is that it works for the best interests of the entire cigar industry — from small, machine-rolled cigars to higher-end premium cigars.

CAA believes that the cigar industry speaks best when it speaks with a united, clear voice that represents the entire market. CAA ensures the cigar industry always has a place at the table on key issues such as tax fairness and the regulation of tobacco products. The association works to keep policymakers constantly abreast of the impact of proposed laws and regulations in the cigar market. If you’re interested in learning how you can help CAA keep the cigar industry strong and growing, we’d love to talk. Give us a call at (202) 223-8204 so we can discuss the many benefits of CAA membership.