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Cigar Smoking in the Winter: Tips for battling the law-and the elements

There’s nothing better than lighting up your favorite toro on a snowy winter evening. But when that image pops up in my head, I envision sitting in a plush, overstuffed chair by a crackling fire…not standing outside in the frigid night air, where I can see my breath before I even take my first puff.

Unfortunately, with fewer and fewer places to light up indoors, this is the harsh—and frigid—reality that cigar enthusiasts face throughout the winter months. Like it or not, restrictive smoking laws have made it more and more difficult to enjoy your cigar in comfort.

But you don’t have to go cold-turkey during the winter—you just need to get a little creative. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to help you enjoy your favorite hobby during the long winter months.

There’s No Place Like Home

If your spouse isn’t a cigar lover, it may be difficult to get the green light to smoke inside the house —even if your fingers could get frostbite from risking the elements.

But cigar smoke doesn’t have to waft through the house or get embedded in your carpet and furniture. With the proper ventilation system, you could smoke every day in your house without leaving a trace of the delicious scent behind.

A simple window fan can work wonders—or a small exhaust fan in the ceiling. Some people even use the exhaust fans over their kitchen stoves. It might not be the most comfortable place, but it gets the job done.

You could also invest in a smoke eater. These air cleaners help remove the smell and the smoke from the air, and they’re used in everything from restaurants to man caves.

Head Outside—and Bundle Up

If indoors just isn’t an option, there are a few things to keep in mind. Dress in layers, and make sure you’re keeping your fingers warm while you’re holding your cigar. Fingerless gloves with mitten flaps work great. Or, you could invest in heated electric gloves. Since they’re actually liners, they’re not too bulky to maneuver your cigar.

There are also some cigar smokers who have invested in heated vest liners. They’re made for motorcyclists who drive in freezing temperatures at high speeds—so they should keep you nice and cozy while you’re sitting on your back deck puffing on your perfecto.

An additional heat source is always helpful as well, whether you have a back yard fire pit, a patio heater or a hot tub.

Rethink Your Garage

Who says your car should get better treatment than you do during the winter? If your car is comfortably tucked away in the garage while you’re outside braving the elements, it’s time for a change. Back the car out, and replace it with an old rug, a La-Z-Boy, and a space heater—and voila! You’ve created your own personal cigar lounge.

Of course, if you’re fortunate enough to live near one, you could always head to an actual local cigar lounge. As the cigar movement has grown over recent years, B&M establishments have been popping up all over the country. There’s even a free app called Cigar Finder that helps you locate cigar shops, bars, and lounges in your area. After all, cigars were meant to be smoked in the company of good people with good conversation.

Whether you’re indoors or out, a classic way to stay warm on even the coldest winter day is from the inside out—there’s nothing like a couple ounces of rum or a nice whiskey to help keep warm!

A Word of Caution

Winter can wreak havoc on your cigars. Be sure to check your humidification system weekly, as indoor heating can suck the moisture out from your cigars—and from your humidors as well.

Have you come up with your own ingenious way to enjoy your cigars through the winter months? Tell us about it!