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The national trade organization of cigar manufacturers, importers and distributors as well as major suppliers to the industry.
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Advocating for a Diverse and Unique Cigar Industry

When it comes to protecting the rights of cigar smokers and makers, all cigars are equal.

When someone asks how the cigar industry is doing these days, I give the same answer I gave when I was hired as president four years ago.

In fact, I give them the same answer that my predecessors have given for the past nearly eight decades of the Cigar Association of America’s history.

The cigar industry is in challenging times. Every day we are in meetings and on conference calls, on airplanes and highways working with our teams in state capitals across the country, fighting constant efforts to restrict industry and consumers from a basic right that we believe should be protected—I’m talking about the simple, basic right as an adult to enjoy smoking a cigar.

But since 1937, that’s been our job in this diverse and unique industry.

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